Support Our Work

There are many ways you can get involved and help support our efforts to restore and protect the creek and watershed.

Provide Financial Support

Your donation can help us buy monitoring equipment, pay for lab tests, enhance our community outreach efforts, educate the public about the benefits of creek restoration, and cover insurance and other general costs. All donations to WCCA are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. Just click the DONATE button below to donate with your credit card or your PayPal balance. Or you can send your donation by check, made payable to Wolf Creek Community Alliance, to: WCCA, P.O. Box 477, Grass Valley, CA 95945.

Benefit WCCA When You Shop at SPD

Through the eScrip Community Card program, our local SPD food markets contribute 3% of your grocery purchases to Wolf Creek Community Alliance, at no additional cost to you, every time you shop at the SPD stores in Nevada City and Grass Valley. To earn this benefit for WCCA, simply sign up for the SPD Community Card. The clerk will scan your Community Card at checkout (or you can provide your registered telephone number; that works, too) and 3% percent of the value of your grocery purchases will automatically be donated to WCCA every time you shop.

Benefit WCAA When you Shop at Save Mart

Through the eScrip SHARES Program, our local Save Mart contributes 3% of your purchases to Wolf Creek Community Alliance, at no additional cost to you, every time you shop at a Save Mart Supermarket. To earn this benefit for WCCA, simply sign up for the SHARES program. During this process, you will register your phone number or Save Smart Rewards Card with eScrip and designate WCCA as the beneficiary. When you shop at Save Mart, you'll be asked to provide your phone number at checkout, and 3% of the value of your grocery purchases will be automatically donated to WCCA every time you shop.

Benefit WCAA When you Shop Online

With the eScrip "shop for good" online mall you can earn money for Wolf Creek Community Alliance, at no additional cost to you, whenever you shop online. Simply (1) sign up, designate WCCA as the non-profit you wish to support, and sign in to find your favorite online shops and coupons; and (2) shop with on-line retailers that give back. The list of participating retailers is extensive!

Join Wolf Creek Community Alliance

We consider you a "member" of WCCA if you ask to be on our mailing list. To get on our mailing list, just send us your contact information via e-mail, letting us know your specific area(s) of interest regarding Wolf Creek (we won't share your name or contact information with anyone). As a member, you'll receive our email newsletter as well as periodic announcements regarding events of interest to the environmental community.


Volunteers are the heart of our organization. Without volunteers, WCCA would not exist, and our community would be poorer because of it. The following programs welcome volunteers:

Water quality monitoring

WCCA volunteers regularly monitor the condition of Wolf Creek to observe and record biological and other physical indicators of creek and riparian health, including testing for harmful bacteria and heavy metals from mining. This activity is hands-on, and provides the opportunity to learn about aquatic ecology, water chemistry, and the physical processes of streams. This work is conducted in the field at various outdoor locations, and would be a fun choice for those who like to wade in the creek! We will provide the required training in monitoring procedures and safety.

Time commitment: Requires a commitment of 4 hours every month on either a Thursday or Saturday morning, 12 months per year.

Contact: Debra Worth, Monitoring Coordinator, at

Restoration & Stewardship Days

WCCA volunteers help to remove non-native invasive vegetation such as scotch broom, ivy, and blackberry, and to plant stabilizing native plants along Creek banks on public lands. WCCA volunteers will work in conjunction with the Fire Safe Council's Scotch Broom Challenge in early Spring, and with the South Yuba River Citizens League (SYRCL) during its annual River Clean-Up Day in September. Throughout the year, volunteers work to restore an Empire Mine State Park meadow on Bennett St., and a Wolf Road site off Hwy 49 near Higgins Corners. In 2016, we plan to begin work on restoring a stretch of Peabody Creek in Condon Park. This is a fun outdoor activity for those who enjoy a good workout with friends!

Time commitment: 3-4 hours on a Saturday, Spring and Fall, 3-6 Saturdays per year

Contact Mary Furney, Stewardship Coordinator, at

Education & Outreach

WCCA volunteers staff booths at local events and organize public meetings on watershed topics, produce maps, display materials, videos, and handouts. By actively reaching out to our community with factual information about problems in the watershed, and by partnering with other local organizations on restoration and preservation, we hope to engender long term commitment to watershed stewardship in our community. This is a great opportunity for those who enjoy interacting with people from all walks of life while representing a good cause.

Time commitment: 4 hours tabling per event; organizing an event ~10 hours per event

Contact: Jonathan Keehn at

Low-impact development

WCCA volunteers watch the City and County Planning Commission agendas for projects likely to impact Wolf Creek, and attend planning meetings in order to advocate for best practices in construction and landscaping (erosion and sediment control, creek setbacks and easements, riparian buffer zones, wetlands protection, storm water catchment, permeable surfaces, water conservation, wildlife habitat and trails). This is an important opportunity for those who want to help City and County officials steer a more environmentally sustainable path.

Time commitment: Approximately 4 hours per meeting; follow-up meetings 2-3 per year.

Contact: Paul Schwartz at

Wolf Creek Parkway

WCCA volunteers are working with the Bear Yuba Land Trust and the City of Grass Valley to advance a trails plan which would include sections of the proposed Wolf Creek Parkway, a portion of which would run through downtown Grass Valley. This is a big, long-term project with lots of opportunities for volunteers with experience in planning, community liaison, and fund-raising.

Time commitment: To be determined by each individual

Contact: Bruce Herring, Parkway Steward, at


WCCA volunteers research funding opportunities, write grant proposals, solicit donations, and plan and carry out fund-raising projects and events. Fund-raising to support the Monitoring, Stewardship, and Education/Outreach programs and special projects is an ongoing endeavor. This is an important opportunity for those with experience writing grants and organizing fund-raising events.

Time commitment: To be determined by each individual

Contact: Jane Pelton at


WCCA volunteers help to publicize WCCA events, draft articles for publication in the local newspaper, and contribute to newsletters. This is a great opportunity for those with an interest in writing, photography, and design.

Time commitment: To be determined by each individual

Contact: Don Pelton at